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    Issues with video calls on Cisco Jabber. How to improve it?

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      I'm in charge of a View Infrastructure in a University. The infrastructure is in View 5.2.

      All of our VDI users (about 150) connect to their desktop with a Wyse zero admin client and the guest OS is Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.


      Another  IT team has started to deploy for employees an UC environment based on Cisco products.

      Jabber softphone deployment is highlighted, also in virtual desktops.


      We encounter issues with video calls: when we make a call with sound only, the audio quality is acceptable.

      But, when we turn on the camera, sound and video are highly degraded. Unusable.


      There is no QoS strategy implemented by the network team and no specific settings defined with the GPO PCoIP (pcoip.adm).


      How can I improve performance to make video calls?

      What's the best way to realize this?


      Thanks for your help.




      PS : I specify that I don't administer network equipments or UC servers, only the VDI infrastructure.


      Steve von Siebenthal

      Systems engineer

      VCP-DV & VCP-DT certified