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    Restore script for ghettoVCBg2 and ALLOW_VMS_WITH_SNAPSHOTS_TO_BE_BACKEDUP ?

    markvm2 Enthusiast

      I have ghettoVCBg2 working with the vMA and vSphere 5.5 and it seem to be working really well. Now I was wondering if the same restore script used for ghettoVCB can be used with g2? For some reason it is not mentioned on the g2 instructions? Also g2 does not seem to have the ALLOW_VMS_WITH_SNAPSHOTS_TO_BE_BACKEDUP option and once again it is not mentioned in the instructions. Can I just add that line to the g2 script or is it not supported for some reason?



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          rdscorreia74 Lurker

          Hi markvm2.

          I was googling and just bumped into your post. It's been 3 months since you posted it and still not a single answer.

          I happen to be looking for the exact same thing.

          But you have achieved something that I can't on my own. You are actually running the script on 5.5.

          I don't know what to edit in order for the script to run on 5.5. I wonder why William Lam hasn't been maintaining g2.

          I'm not talking about developing it further because he may not have time and he may have found that g2 is not the way to go but at least maintaining it because on main page it only mentions 3.5 and 4.x.

          So, could you (or anybody else for that matter) please let me know how to get g2 working on 5.5?

          Thanks in advance