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    Vshield Edge error message on vCloud environnement

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      I am on on a vCloud environement version 5.1.2 with vShield manager also on version 5.1.2-1263988.

      I have a lot of error message on System Events on vShield manager interface on most of the Edges (136 Edges deployed).

      It happens for both Edge VMs and Edge Gateways. This is the list of messages : (a screenshot is joined also)


      1Informational30041vShield Edge Gateway has recovered and now responding to health check.
      2Informational30042vShield Edge VM has recovered and now responding to health check.
      3Critical30032vShield Edge appliance with vmId : vm-26898 not found in the vCenter inventory
      4Critical30034None of the vShield Edge VMs found in serving state. There is a possibility of network disruption.
      5Major30033VShield Edge VM not responding to health check.


      I suppose that I may have network issues but what I need to know in order to go further in debug with network team is the exact hleath check test made by vShield Edge to generate these kinf of events, for example : is it from vShield manager to vShield Edge on port TCP 443 ?


      Any idea on how health check works or any explanation on these messages is very welcome


      Thanks in advance.