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    Orphaned transient VM and Post Installation Script not running

    RubenEGraff Novice

      I am stumped

      I am maintainig a VMware Ready appliance built on Studio 2.6 running Ubuntu 10.04.  Our company recently made some network changes and now I have two issues with my builds.

      1.  The transient VM is deleted from the data store but the host Database is not updated resulting in an orphaned VM on the host.

      2.  The Post installation script does not run.  This is a major issue as we move files around and tweak the system. 

      The Logs show no errors and the build completes in a timely fashion.

      If I move the Studio appliance into a test lab environment fire walled from my production environment, everything works perfectly. 

      The build still has the same two issues above running on different host or running on an isolated virtual switch.

      I might have more luck debugging knew which log to look at for post installation scripts messages.