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    delta files are ignored

    pmarchiori Novice

      Hi all - first post.

      ESXi 5.0, free no frills edition. VM running on a snapshot. Power goes off. Power comes back. VM starts but is at snapshot time. Panic.

      Snapshot is there. Delta files are there (VM has 3 disks) but looks like they're being ignored: their timestamp as per "ls -l" is that power failure time, while the -flat files are being written on.

      I have (mutiple) copies of the VM files off-server so I think I can try almost everything. I am currently backing up the VM at OS file level "just in case".

      Two main questions here:

      1. what happens if I delete the snapshot? The delta files aren't being written on, so...?

      2. any way to go back to power failure time? I already tried (on a copy of the offserver copy) changing CIDs/parentCIDs and starting on a Workstation - they just get ignored as well

      (when I write "any" I really mean ANY - like recovery services and so on...)


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers.