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    Important! Veeam Explorer for Active Directory BETA is available

    vMariaL Enthusiast

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm happy to announce that the public BETA of a new tool, Veeam Explorer for Active Directory, is now available for download.

      From the description:


      • Veeam Explorer for Active Directory performs exports and in-place recoveries of AD objects by drilling directly into the AD database (ntds.dit file).
      • It supports search and restore of all AD objects types, including users, groups, computer accounts and contacts. It can restore individual object's attributes, the entire objects, and even the whole organizational units (along with the hierarchy). Of course, the deleted objects do not have to be present in the Recycle Bin, as we will obtain all the data from backup where the objects are still present in AD. More importantly, unlike many other Active Directory recovery solutions, we do not require that the tombstone of the deleted object is still present in AD. VEAD is also fully Microsoft Exchange aware, so when restoring the user account, we will restore all Exchange-related attributes and reconnect the mailbox. As you will see, this is a very comprehensive solution.
      • It has the unique ability to recover passwords!


      You can learn more about Veeam Explorer for Active Directory on Veeam Community Forums. Download doesn't require registration.

      As always, feel free to ask me any questions about Veeam - I will be glad to discuss.


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