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    VMRC 5.5 connect problem

    bhut201110141 Lurker

      Trying to migrate my web-based code using vCloud Director API from vmrc 1.5 to vmrc 5.5.

      Followed instructions from vCloud API (5.5) programming Guide in conjuction with VMware Remote Console SDK (5.5) documentation.


      connect error is: An error occurred that affected the security of the connection


      Anyone had success at this? Any help?   Thanks...




      vCloud Director 5.5
      vSphere 5.5


      Using javascript methods from VRMC sdk (vmrc-embed-example.js)



      xx.xx.xx.xx is the vCD console proxy server IP

      I can successfully get a remote console if I use the vmrc-embed-example.html  example
          - MSK mode: +
          - Hostname is: IP (my vCenter)
          - Allow SSL errors: checked
          -Ticket: obtained by AcquireCloneTicket (invoked method from browser)
      - vmid: vm-xxxx

      It does NOT work on my webpage using  javascript methods

      - MSK mode: +
      - Advanced config: usebrowserproxy=true;tunnelmks=true
      - Hostname is: IP of my vCloud Director console proxy server
      -Ticket: obtained by vCloudDirector java api acquireTicket()
        -unencoded format:  mks://xx.xx.xx.xx/vm-6511?ticket=cst-JsCiMd…
      -  xx.  is vCloud Director console proxy server IP

         - Allow SSL errors: false   - vmid: vm-xxxx

      Browser results from connection attempt:
      -getVersion returned ""
      -isReadyToStart returned "true"
      -starting VMRC instance: modes: 2, messages: 1
        VMRC using advanced config "usebrowserproxy=true;tunnelmks=true"
      -startup returned "vmrc-np-t-{BCBF8A88-DF7D-4893-A23B-F926A29B96C6}"
      -connect succeeded
      onConnectionStateChange - connectionState: 1, host:, datacenter: , vmId: vm-6511, userRequested: true, reason: An error occurred that affected the security of the connection