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    Load-balancing with Heartbeat?

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      Having never used Load-balancing with vCenter or Heartbeat, I was wondering:  Can you use the 2 together?  This is related to my previous post, if Linked Mode becomes nonviable, I still have to provide a highly redundant solution and - tbh - the load-balancer itself becomes a single point of failure.  So I was wondering - hypothetically, like - if I could have 2 load-balanced vCenters at different sites, 200-300 miles apart, protected by Heartbeat - would that work? 

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          vCenter Heartbeat uses an "Active-Passive" architecture so essentially you have one active vCenter and a passive vCenter which will take over the services if the active goes down. The main purpose of Heartbeat is continous availability, not load balancing.


          Linked mode is neither a load balancing solution. It just provides you a "single pane of glass" for management of multiple vCenter servers.

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            I understand that, but I'm thinking that can each vCenter at each site be load-balanced?  It's just s hypothetical question really, the customer may ask and I want an answer I can give them.  It's probably total overkill anyway and I don't think Heartbeat is the answer due to the type of system I'm trying to protect.