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    Datastore VM Allocation

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      I recently added a couple of new datastores to my VMware SAN and went about migrating some of my virtual machines to provide more space on my existing stores when I noticed something odd.  I use a numeric method naming all of my datastores VMFS# starting with 1 through however many I will end up with.  On VMFS1, and only VMFS1 I am seeing a number of what I can best describe as "echo" virtual machines that are located on other data stores.  What I mean is that I have a virtual machine that is on VMFS3, but on VMFS1 I also see the same virtual machine, which is a single disk system.  The machine was originally configured as 30GB.  On VMFS3 I see that the system is provisioned as roughly the 30 GB, but it is showing as about 25GB used, and the used allocation is at its maximum.  When I look at the same VM on VMFS1 I again see that 30GB is provisioned but for used I am seeing 0 of 25GB.  I see this happening with about 10 virtual machines.  I have another VM that on the non-VMFS1 location I have an 70GB provision and a maxed 41GB used, then again on VMFS1 I see the same thing but with a 0 in the used.


      I tried experimenting with a non-critical system that was showing this duplicate.  I moved the source VM which was not on VMFS1 to one of the newest datastores that I created, which it migrated successfully.  The instance on VMFS1 was still there and when I attempted to move that one as well to the same datastore, it instantly ended successfully but did not move the instance.  I did not try moving it to a different datastore.


      Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to consolidate these multiple instances back to a single one?  This is affecting virtual machines of different sizes, usually 30-80GB, using thin provisioning.  I have other VMs that are larger (150GB) also thinly provisioned that are not experiencing this issue but are also not at their "used" capacity.  Thanks!

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          Where do you see the duplicates? On the datastore itself?

          Can you confirm the VMs are not running with active snapshots (created while still located on the source datastore)?



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            I'm seeing the duplicate VM instances when I look at both the individual VM's summary, and by datastore view.  For example I can look at one of my servers which only has a single virutal disk, and I see storage allocated for it on both Datastore1 and Datastore6.  On closer inspection it looks like Datastore6 contains the VM data payload files where Datastore1 is appearing to contain snapshot data that is being created by my backup system but isn't getting cleaned up correctly.  I think that answers my mystery.