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    Virtual Machine vMotion slow

    chrisdunbar Novice



      I have a strange issue. We have 4 ESXi 5.5 the problem is with one of this.


      When we move one virtual machine from this ESXi to any of the others the vmotion is very slow (3 or 4 times slower) but when we move the same virtual machine to this host from any of the others the vmotion is quickly.


      Do you know what can be the problem?


      Sorry for my english.




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          schepp Virtuoso
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          Hi David, welcome to the communities,


          double check your network settings. Take a look if they are identical on the hosts.


          Log into the host that is causing trouble with SSH or on console and run "esxcf-nics -l" to get the vmnic configuration. Maybe the vMotion NIC isn't running at the right speed or duplex mode?





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            chrisdunbar Novice

            Hi Tim,


            Thanks for your quickly answer.


            I check the network settings and I can't see any diference between the host.


            I ran the command and vmotion nick is running at 1000Mbps and Full


            Any other idea?



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              MKguy Virtuoso

              Check whether a traffic shaping policy is configured on the vSwitch or vMotion vmkernel port of this host. Traffic shaping affects outbound traffic only and would explain this behavior.

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                chrisdunbar Novice

                Hi MK,


                Traffic shaping is disabled on both, vSwitch and vMotion vmkernel port.



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                  chrisdunbar Novice

                  Any other idea, please?




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                    jguo Lurker

                    Hi David,


                    I'm experiencing similar issue. I recently upgraded my hosts from ESXi 5.0 to 5.5.


                    With one host, VM vmotion off this host is very slow, but vmotion to this host is normal.


                    I have vmnic0 and vmnic1 configured as a standard vswitch, which serves the vmotion and management network.


                    I found that vmnic1 is goofy, which caused this problem. If I remove vmnic1 from the standard vswitch, everything works perfect again except that I don't have network redundancy on the vswitch.


                    Not sure if you're still having this problem, if you happen to resolve it, please let me know what you did.



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                      kanye79 Lurker

                      J'ai eu le même problème sur mon serveur Lenovo SR550 Vmotion était très slow - Transferer un petit serveur de 40Gb prenait 2 hrs au lieu de 10 minutes - après quelques jours de dinvestigation j'ai fini par réalise que le problème ne vient pas de la configuration réseau mais plutôt la façon que XClarity formattait les disques via l'interface web. Ce qui me semblait étrange tout fonctionnait bien lorsque je formatais mes disque directement dans la machine en faisant F1 (Creation de Raid5).


                      Voir la différence dans l'imprime écran - attachée a cette réponse.

                      Merci / thank  you