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    How can I tell what the script is doing?

    boy412 Novice

      Hello - I have a very general question about the script. I am using ESXi 4.1 and am using the script to back up a handful of VM's to a small Synology NAS. I have the share on the NAS mounted as a persistent NFS volume.


      I've done this before with another ESXi host and am familiar with the backup and restore process. After some testing I decided to go ahead and run the script to back up all my VM's to the NAS. I triggered the script while logged in via SSH. I was able to monitor the progress of the first few VM's but my connection was broken during the cloning process of the third VM (which is about 130GB).


      Short of just looking at the logs (which are not especially verbose or detailed) how can I tell where in the process the script is? It would be helpful to see that the cloning process was x% complete. Is there a way to see what is going on with the script?


      Thanks...and I'm very thankful that this script exists!