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    About thinprint / tp autoconnect

    ericblc2 Novice

      View 5.2

      4000 zero clients

      300 xp computers with view client.


      I need to turn the TP auto connect service on so that LPT1 printers are mapped from the physical workstation (xp) to the virtual desktop.


      but I also need Tp auto connect never to touch the default printer in the VM.


      Right now tpautoconnect tinkers with default printer and makes very bad decisions (making snagit printer the default printer after each logon)


      is there here a way to prevent thinprint from changing default while retaining the mapping feature?


      (we do not need thinprint for anything else)



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          vcpguy Expert

          If I understand your question correctly - You have Snagit installed on the VDI VM. ThinPrint maps all the printers from your desktop to the VDI VM but it interferes and changes the default printer which is Snagit to some other printer and you wan to avoid this, right ?

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            ericblc2 Novice

            Nah..  snagit is just an example Of thinprint making bad decisions.


            here's a an example.

            • user has a zero client with no local printer
            • user selects network printer as default
            • tp auto connect is running.
            • if this user logs out and in he will lose his default printer and Thinprint randomly picks another one out the printers it sees  (for example snagit printer... But it could be any other "local" printer)
            • disable le tp auto connect and this problem goes away


            But we need TP auto connect running when the user connects though a view client (instead of a zero client) so that locally attached printers (lpt1) can be mapped to the vdi vm.

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              vcpguy Expert

              I am missing some basic information here. Do your VMs refresh at log off? I think ThinPrint will help you to get all your Physical Desktop Printer mapped to your VDI session. I am not aware that it can map printers connected to the Wyse Device. Do you use Floating Pool ?

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                ericblc2 Novice

                Yup floating linked clone refreshed or deleted at logoff (with roaming profiles) but this is irrelevant to the issue as it is the same behavior on a persistant vm as well.


                as for a printer connected to a zero client... it is a USB device and does not need any help from thinprint ... It is seen right away by windows. But again this is not relevant to my problem. In the example I give, users use either a zero client with network printer (in which case I want thinprint not to modify the default printer) or a xp PC with a view client and a local lpt1 printer (in which case I want thinprint to teleport/map the local printer into the VM ... And it does)


                i only want one thing : prevent thinprint from ever touching the default printer setting (because it tries to decide what's the best printer to set as default and fails)

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                  seanmassey Novice

                  This is one of the drawbacks of the ThinPrint component.  Unfortunately, it is rather dumb, and there is no way to manage the behavior over PCoIP connections.  This was an issue for me at a previous job where GP Preferences were used to deploy printers, and ThinPrint and Group Policy kept fighting over which printer was default.

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                    mpryor Master
                    VMware Employees

                    May not be sufficient for you if you don't have control of all the client devices, but you can disable default printer redirection at that side: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2012770



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                      ehorsting Novice

                      The registry option does not work on Wyse Thin Clients... Does anyone have THE resolution for this problem?


                      It keeps appearing randomly....

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                        jutianzheng Novice

                        When log into a View desktop from the View Client, ThinPrint will map the default printer on the View Client as the default printer on the View desktop.

                        Try below methods to prevent mapping the view client's default printer to the view desktop:

                        Change the registry key value from 1 to 0,  the registry key is located at:


                        32 bit Windows – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ThinPrint\Client

                        64bit Windows – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ThinPrint\Client


                        After changing the value, user will have the option of choosing the default printer in the View desktop.

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                          Pronj86 Novice

                          Kind of late, but I had trouble finding the correct setting. You should use the REG_DWORD registry setting HKLM\SOFTWARE\ThinPrint\TPAutoConnect\DisableSettingOfDefPrinter in the VM. Set it to 1 to prevent Thinprint from changing the default printer.

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                            UnityGuy Novice

                            The reg setting of DisableSettingOfDefPrinter to 1 worked for me. You can have TPAutoConnect Enabled, and that reg key set and local printers map through, but do not displace the user's existing default printer setting.


                            Posting that this is a solution on Win 7x64.