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    Oracle ASM or not?

    Jocelyn Simard Novice

      Hi all!


      I just read VMware's document titled "Oracle Database on VMware Best Practices Guide"... This is a very good document but I am wondering why it only adresses database setup using Oracle ASM.


      I understand that for best throughput, one would be better to use ASM...

      (I also understant that raw device mapping is the best configuration for performance - BUT I definitely would not recommend using RDM for the management complexity it adds..).


      It does NOT seems simple to implement ASM here because of responsabilities (sysadmins vs dba).


      So my question are:


      1- Does anybody *NOT* using ASM for their Oracle Database on VMware with success?

      What I mean by that is, no ASM instance, datafiles on VMFS file system...


      2- Does anybody actually measured the difference in performance (between using ASM and NOT using ASM)?


      3- I know it is adviced as a best practices (for best throughput) to separate online redo logs and data files - but is realy that bad NOT to do it?

      Otherwise said, how detrimental is it to merge logs with datafiles.


      Any thoughts/references are welcome...