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    vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 5.8 Not Appearing in Web Client or Desktop Client

    airfrog7 Novice

      I have vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1a and Web Client Update 1 installed. I deployed the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 5.8 virtual appliance. It appeared in the "Administration - Licensing" area and I was able to apply a license to it. However, there are no Infrastructure Navigator options available in either the web or desktop vSphere client. I have re-deployed the virtual appliance several times, but still nothing appears. In the web client, Infrastructure Navigator appears under" vCenter Server Extension Types". However, the status is "Unknown" (rather than the "Normal" with a green tick status everything else has). The Infrastructure Navigator 5.8 release notes say my version of vCenter Server and Web Client are supported. Does anyone know how to get the Navigator options to appear in the vCenter clients?


      EDIT: it looks like only half of my post was saved when I first posted this, so I have added the rest back in.