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    Using 'SetfileSystemIsolation' in VMware ThinApp v5.0.0 1391583

    HereIsSomeBug Lurker

      Hi all,

      Seems I've found a bug with scripting API. In two words, function "SetfileSystemIsolation" has no effect at all. For example, call "SetfileSystemIsolation "C:\Merge", 2" with line "DirectoryIsolationMode=WriteCopy" in "Package.ini" gives default isolation (WriteCopy) directory "C:\Merge". All changes will be sandboxed. I've tested this for VMware ThinApp v5.0.0 1391583 and VMware ThinApp v4.7.3 891762. Result is the same. But it works as should in VMware ThinApp 4.5.0 238809. Please, someone test and confirm.


      P. S. Also there is error in "thinapp50_manual.pdf" on page 83, function "SetfileSystemIsolation" referenced as "Setfile systemIsolation(Directory, IsolationMode)".