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    Onyx 2.1.4226 issue

    Navneet Novice

      I am having a weird connectivity problem with Onyx. Currently all my vCenters are 5.0 U3. While trying to connect Onyx to the vCenter servers and launching the viClient thru Onyx, I keep getting an error - The vSphere Client has lost the connection to the "hostname of the client running Onyx" server. Do you want to return to the login dialog? The error occurs while the vSphere client shows the message "Loading inventory..."


      Looking at the vi client log, I observe that things start normal, but then a message - Connection State[hostname of the client running Onyx]: Disconnected - appear. This is followed by numerous Vmomi.Fault.NotAuthenticated : The session is not authenticated. entries and then the vSphere Client throws the above mentioned error.


      This issue happens while connecting to v5.0 U3 ESXi hosts as well as v5.0 U3 vCenter servers.


      I have a few ESX 4.0 servers and while performing the connections on those, everything works fine.


      Am I doing anything wrong? Are any special configurations required? Makes me wonder if ESXi/vCenter  v5.0 U3 supported??? Please help !!!!