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    Seeking Beta-Testers for new VMware vCOPs based 'WebLogic On VMware' monitoring

    grvmtech Enthusiast

      Hello 'Oracle on VMware' VMware Community members:



      Blue Medora is seeking product beta feedback from interested vCOPS admins responsible for monitoring/managing Oracle WebLogic J2EE workloads running within VMware virtualized environments. 



      The beta will primarily include design and operational feedback on the next release of the Blue Medora VMware vCenter Operations (vCOPs) Management Pack for Oracle OEM.  The Beta is focused on delivering enhancements around WebLogic J2EE including additional vCOPs-based metrics, supermetrics, and dashboards that have been designed to provide integrated views of 'Oracle WebLogic on VMware' performance and capacity.



      If you have any interest, please drop us a note to beta@bluemedora.com.  



      Thanks in advance.