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    CB for Showback purposes

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      We already have a CB used to measure the costs to bill to customers on vCD.


      I'd like to do the same internally, connecting a new deployed CB to the internal vCenter, to assign an economic value to the allocated resources for every division in our company.

      I suppose this can be done applying a specific billing policy. But I only was able to extract values applying "usage" report. "Cost" report give me back all 0.


      I read that CB, in the case of vC instead of vCD, collects only actual usage: in this case I should insert manually every value, but there are more than 200 VM, it's impossible...


      I also detected that using "Dashboard" I'm able to compare the current situation (with cost) to the recommended one (and savings). Maybe this could be a solution, but is there any way to export these data? And, no storage considered here...


      Thank you for support



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          As I understand, You are getting zero values for CPU, Memory and Storage when you generate a report for VCD Hierarchy. There can be many reason for this, We can start looking from the basic cause of zero values.

          1. Can you please verify if the Base rates are non zero values

          2. Can you please verify if the VCD is having Allocation pool or PayAsYouGo.

          3. Can you please verify if the Pricing Model has correct Billing policy which measure Usage or Allocation.

          4. Can you please verify if the Pricing Model has configured correctly for the dates and VM which wer are trying to bill fall under that Time period.