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    Connection Issues - Attempting to run Onyx

    zdog59 Novice

      Hello All,


      Just now getting around to attempting to use Onyx.   Got v2.1.4226.28167 attempting to run on win 2K8 R2 or WIN7.  vCenter version is 5.0u3.


      I have Onyx on a test vCenter W2K8 box.   I launch Onyx and specify the Https of the vCenter server (localhost)  I select to launch the VI client from Onyx and ultimately the Client times out or a return is generated that the login was incorrect.  The Onyx Console does not display anything.   The header of the window show it connected to the vCenter server on port 443


      In a test against PowerCLI

      I am pointing the VI client to http://localhost:1545. It shows a connection to the local host , but then when a cmdlet is run shows and error "Not authenticated"


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.