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    Adding an existing datastore to an ESXi 5 host without formatting the entire disk/lun/volume

    rasingh01 Novice



      I am trying to add existing datastores (iSCSI SAN) to an ESXi 5 host that i just updated. I am able to see the datastores under Storage adapters as being mounted in operational state. However when i go to storage, i don't see the datastores and when try to add them as a Disk/LUN, i get a warning saying "This configuration will delete the current disk layout. All File systems and data will be permanently lost". I'm afraid that if i proceed further, i may end up formatting the entire datastore, don't want to do this obviously as these datastores are being used by other hosts and have in use VM's on them.


      Anyone facing this same issue or having a solution to his? any help is highly appreciated


      I did find and article on vmware KB regarding this VMware KB: Recovering a lost partition table on a VMFS volume


      However, i will not proceed with the suggested solution until i have backed up all the vm files on the datastore on another disk (which is a long procedure) and the solution according to the KB applies to ESX 4.x and below.