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    VMware ESXi 5.5 Beginner - Installation/Setup Issues

    nrdk Lurker

      Good afternoon,


      I've been having some issues with getting my first ESXi installation up and running. I've used VMware Fusion for quite some time, and the main thing I'm looking to do is migrate over a current running development environment to my home-based ESXi server. I've done plenty of reading but just can't quite wrap my head about what piece of the puzzle I'm missing. I've got ESXi installed, I already converted the VM to an ovf file, and I'm all set to start.


      I've installed and am running ESXi 5.5, assigned static IP, enabled SSH, etc etc. Everything seems to be up and functioning correctly, I can reach the box fine going to the static IP in any web browser, however once I do so is where I start running into issues.


      From my understanding, there should be a Web Client I can use from my Mac to manage and start adding hosts, however to date I've not run across the ability to do so, just a basic landing page which gives links to the vSphere Client and some other general info. After some frustration, I decided to move on from the Web Client and dust off an old XP box I had in order to install the vSphere Client. However, when attempting to connect through the vSphere Client (entering the same static IP I used to bring up the prompt to download the client, and same user/pass combo to log onto the physical host of ESXi) I receive an unknown error and can't get anywhere.


      What am I doing wrong here?