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    Whose running Oracle on VMware

    Nads67 Lurker

      Hi Folks,


      I keen on finding out the names of some large UK corporates have taken the plunge and virtuliased Oracle on VMware for production workloads. Although the company I work for has already started virtualising Dev/Test environments on VMware it has not yet opted to do the same for Production/Pre-Production. The reluctance is based around the support policy issues by Oracle - i.e supported vs. certified.


      Anyway, I am putting forward a proposal to use VMware for production workloads and if I can name a few large corporates that already do this (especially in the Finanacial Sector) then I think it will help with the proposal. So if you either work for a large corporate or know of a large corporate that uses Oracle on VMware in production, and are happy to share the name, then it will be greatly received.

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          g754ww Lurker

          I'm running oracle VM server,3.2.7 - the UEK kernel, 2.6.39-300.32..6.el5uek, as a VM under vcenter 5.5..

          I'm also running nested VM's off of that Oracle Vm server..rather easy to set up and to get working, you'll need to use the web client to config CPU virtualization..

          probably unsupported,but I did get it to work,and the VMs boot..

          networking is a question mark, but the rest of it works fine..