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    Schedule Remote Shutdown from Script or ESXi or ?

    FlashPan Novice

      Hello all,


      I running Esxi 5.5 and manually running my ghettovcb script to backup 5 windows server VM's to an NFS share which is located on a 2008r2 server.


      Backups are running fine when I run manually.


      My next task is to schedule the backup and remote shutdown the NFS backup server.


      This is my home lab/setup and I'm a windows guy so please go easy on me


      As it's my home system I do not want the NFS server running 24x7.


      I can remotely power on the NFS server and can use plink to run the ghettovcb script.  What I need to do is when the backup has completed to shutdown the 2008r2 NFS backup server.

      Any ideas on how I can achieve this?  Run a command within the ghetovcb script? or?

      Thank you very much in advance for any pointers.