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    Jumbo Frames and Maximum MTU

    vmproteau Expert

      I have set maximum MTU to 9000 in the past for VMkernel vSwitches and portgroups but not on the VM portgroups. There was a reason at the time that I can't recall. I am reconsidering in my new environment and wanted to get some guidance for those famailiar with or already configured with a maximized MTU. I'd appreciate any guidance for or against this configuration.


      1. Do you use it for your  vSwitches and vDS port groups that pass VM traffic? I assume there are no issues with this setup but that VMs generally won't take adavntage of the larger frames unless configured within the guest to do so.
      2. Providing all associated networking hardware supports and is configured to use it, are there any circumstances where I would not want to set the maximum MTU on the ESXi Host?
      3. It's been a while but if I recall the places where MTU should be set are:
        • The physcial switches
        • The vSwitch or vDS
        • The port group
        • The pNIC