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    Distributed Virtual Switch supporting Hosts with different numbers of pNICs

    vmproteau Expert

      Our environment has had the same model of ESXi Host for some time. Each has 2-10Gb interfaces for VM traffic. We use a Distributed virtual switch with 2 uplinks. Now we are standing up a new environment where there are 2 Hosts types. (1) a small workload ESXi Host with 2-10Gb interfaces and (2) a large workload sESXI Host with 4-10Gb interfaces. They are seperasted in 2 clusters (Large Workload and Small Workload).


      I had planned on sharing one Distributed Switch between the 2 clusters so I could move freely between them as needed. The only ESXi level Host distinction is the horse power and I/O bandwidth (storage and VM networks will be used will be identical). It dawned on me that the Distributed Switch is configured with a specifc number of uplinks. I'm trying to picture how that is going to work in this situation? I was thinking I would create a Distributed vSwitch with 4 uplinks and just end up only using 2 of those uplinks when adding a small workload ESXi Host to it. Is that a valid configuration. Do I have to disable or do anything special with the unused uplinks? I haven't come across this setup so I wanted get some guidance on the proper configuration.