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    vSphere Client plug-in not working in ESX 5.5

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      We developed a vSphere windows client plug-in some time back. We used 'VIPlugins2' to create and add our plug-in to the vSphere client. So far it worked fine with all the existing versions (4.1, 5.0 and 5.1). But when we tried with version 5.5, it vSphere client stopped working while loading our plug-in. When we checked the log, it failed while adding the extension.


      We can understand that ESX 5.5 has web based vSphere client and all the new feaures can be managed only through web client. We also saw that the existing plug-in style is depricated as per the site VMware vSphere Client Plug-ins Documentation . But since vSphere 5.5 supports windows client as well, will the existing features not work for version 5.5?


      We are trying to add the extension in the following way,


      _viApp.AddExtension("InventoryView.HostSystem", extension);


      It this view is not supported anymore?


      How to resolve this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


      Following error was found in the log,


      [ :QuickInf:M: 7] 2014-01-10 12:23:18.055  (VIClient, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7c80a434483c7c50) ComponentManager -> VpxClient.Common.VimComponentManagerImpl

      [viclient:Warning :M: 7] 2014-01-10 12:23:18.133  Assert Triggered: Change in extension of a ServiceDisplayConstraint --  -- Stack Trace:

         at VpxClient.Plugins.ServiceDisplayConstraintImpl.set_Extension(Extension)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.ExtensionManager.InitializeServiceDisplayConstraints(Extension)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.ExtensionManager.AddExtension(String, ExtensionImpl)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.VIAppImpl.AddExtension(String, Extension)



        at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.LoadPlugin(PVE, PluginInformation, List`1)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.LoadPlugin(PluginInformation, String, List`1)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.EnableAssemblyPlugin(AssemblyPlugin, String, List`1)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.EnableClientAssemblyPlugin(AssemblyPluginInformation)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.EnablePlugin(PluginInformation)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.ProcessDll(FileInfo)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.ProcessFile(FileInfo)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.ProcessDirectory(DirectoryInfo)

         at VpxClient.Plugins.PluginManager.DiscoverPlugins(String)

         at VpxClient.UI.OnSuccessfulLogin()

         at VpxClient.UI.OnLoginEvent(String, Object[])

         at VMware.Vim.Client.VimClient.Worker_RunWorkerCompleted(LoginWorker, LoginCompletedEventArgs)

         at VirtualInfrastructure.LoginWorkerImpl.Worker_RunWorkerCompleted(Object, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs)