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    Import OVF Template - Unsupported hardware family 'vmx-10'

    victorhooi Novice



      We have a server running VMWare ESXi 5.0.


      We're trying to use the Microsoft virtual images from here:




      We've download the VMWare Player images, which contain three files, one of which is an OVF file.


      In ESXi, we go to File, Deploy OVF Template, and we get the error message:

      The OVF package requires unsupported hardware

      Details: Line 25: Unsupported hardware family 'vmx-10'.


      From reading online, this appears to be some kind of versioning issue - and VMX-10 images require the newer ESXi 5.5?


      (For operational reasons, getting approval to do an upgrade to 5.5 is quite tricky at the moment).


      Is there some way of changing/downgrading the OVF version for the virtual image, so that it will work on ESXi 5.0?




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          akkayyakapisetti Enthusiast

          Hi Victor,


          Download the latest ovftool from vMware and convert it into vmx



          ovftool e:\myvirtualmachines\myovf\myimage.ovf e:\myvirtualmachines\myvmx\myimage.vmx


          Now you have the vmx and vmdk with you.


          Copy the vmdk to the vmfs datastore


          use command on ESXi  vmkfstools -i <<source vmdk >> -d thin <<destination vmdk>>


          It should fix the issue, i used it couple of times





          Award me points if it answers your question.

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            Abhilashhb Virtuoso VMware Employees vExpert

            Venkat told you the tool to use but couple of changes. These are the steps you need to follow.


            Download and install the OVFTool. Here's a link for that.


            Then run the following command.

            ovftool <path of .ovf file> <path for converted .vmx file>

            Then you will get a VMX file. You will have to edit the Hardware version in it. Change it to a version that is compatible with your hardware. Once you do this, save the VMX file.

            Then you need to convert the VMX back to OVF.

            The command for that is

            ovftool <path of .vmx file> <path for converted .ovf file>


            After this is done you can deploy the OVF.

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              jindraaa Lurker

              To avoid wasting time extracting/rebuilding with OVF tool you can just edit the OVF file, change the line that says "VMX-XX" (in my case was 10) to read "07" or whatever version works with your ESXI. Then use a hashing utility to calculate the SHA-1 of the edited OVF file and replace the corresponding SHA-1 hash in the ".mf" file.

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                Gianni Corona Lurker


                I imported the OVF using Vmware Player version 7 (on Ubuntu, but I think also Windows version works) and then converted it  to ESX 5.1 using Vmware converter.





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                  MCuzo Novice
                  jindraaa, you rule. This was a fast easy way to get this template loaded. Thanks!
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                    dilshandiss Lurker

                    Guys, I have the solution for this, so let me know how it goes;


                    I'm typing this in a hurry so please excuse typos


                    We wanted to offload ESXi v6 since we have installed the hypervisor only on a few basic unmanaged servers which dont need advanced features. However, we (and looks like most of the vm community) are having problems with the vi client v6 and from my experiences guys, you have to go with vcenter and use the web gui as its not a recommended practise to use the vi client to manage each host. For our purposes though (and to not go off topic) we wanted to downgrade to esxi 5.1. The problem is that when you export vm's that are running esxi v6, it might shoot the following error


                    " the ovf package requires unsupported hardware, details line 25: unsupported hardware family vmx-11 "



                    What im describing here is the "free" path to doing this. There are much more streamlined and efficient ways to do this but I will not go into that here.

                    1. Take ova / ovf backups with the existing version of the hypervisor you are using
                    2. First, try to see whether you can deploy the exported ova / ovf format
                    3. if you are greeted with teh above mentioned error or similar, then do the following
                    4. Download the free vmware player and install it
                    5. open vm player and then open your virtual machine (it will start the importing process since its in ova / ovf format and vm player like workstation uses vmx and vmdk files)
                    6. once the import is complted and the relevant vmx and vmdk files have been generated, go forth and download & install vmware converter (also free)
                    7. then open it up and go to "convert machine" - select source type as "vmware workstation or other vmware virtual machine" - choose the vmx files that you saved in an earlier step, then type in your esxi host details (ip address, username an password)
                    8. now finish the wizard, sit back and see your files being sent and prepared by the host for use.


                    Hoping this will assist you guys, as it did for me. Thanks Gianni CoronaGianni Corona as I used that as a basis for this

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                      slickrule Lurker

                      This was really helpful.Thanks

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                        socra Lurker

                        jindraaajindraa solution works perfectly! I had to download from http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/hashmyfiles.zip to modify .mf file after alter .ovf file.

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                          MisterTibbs Lurker

                          Thanks Abhilashhb

                          IT WORKED!


                          I used this method today to go from vmx-11 to vmx-10. Needed to move an Ubuntu production OVA from a newer host running ESXi 6.1 to a slightly older server running ESXi 5.5.

                          Because ovftool is a supported vmware tool, it seems less risky than other methods. But I am no expert in this area.

                          Just glad it worked, hoping it keeps running without issue...

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                            virtualhoo Lurker

                            Works - this should be "the answer".