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    Backup duration

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      Hallo, we have a QNAP TS-569Pro and two ESXi 4.1, I use an NFS share as datastore. NAS has 3GiB of RAM, disks are configured as RAID 1+0 with a hotspare, nic are in trunking on a gigabit switch. Ghetto is "2011_11_19 Version 1". Backup is made on the same nas and than synchronized on an external USB3 HDD. I notice strange differences between backup duration:



      VM: centos1_test

      OS: centos 6.5

      used storaged:6GiB

      provisioned storage: 30GiB

      Backup Duration: 5.92 Minutes



      VM: HotelCube_test

      OS: windowsxp

      used storage: 15GiB

      provisioned storage: 17GiB

      Backup Duration: 5.33 Minutes



      VM: win2k3

      OS: windows 2003

      used storage: 10GiB

      provisioned storage: 32GiB

      Backup Duration: 6.45 Minutes



      VM: svrcentr

      OS: centos 6.5

      used storage: 4GiB

      provisioned storage: 80GiB

      Backup Duration: 13.12 Minutes



      Why svrcentr takes 13 minutes for 4GiB of used space to do the backup and HotelCube_test takes 5.33 minutes only? Seems to me that the duration time is linked to provisioned storage, not to used storage. svrcentr is a fresh install while centos1_test is and old installation, both scsi controllers are configured as paravirtual. The only differences is that svrcentr is a new machine installed directly on the nfs of the qnap, centos1_test is a snapshot that I moved on qnap from another datastore for testing.


      Any idea?



      Thanks, Pietro.