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    Fusion 6.0.2 and OSx Mavericks 10.9.1 - Sleep Wake failure unless I shutdown or suspend my Win7Pro VM before closing lid

    Zaudio Novice

      I recently bought a new macbook pro, tht is up to date with Mavericks 10.9.1

      I bout Fusion 6 and migrated my VM from my old macbook that was running Fusion 4.

      All seemed to go well.


      The VM performs awesomely.


      The problem is when I put the Macbook to sleep... I get the 'infamous' Sleep Wake Failure when I wake it up, and the macbook is restarted.

      I say infamous, as there are many users of mavericks experiencing this for all sorts of causes.


      In my case I singled the cause down to my VMware Fusion 6, running a Win7 Pro machine. If this is still running when I sleep the Macbook then I get the Sleep Wake Failure every time I wake the MacBook. If I shutdown or suspend the VM first, then this does not happen.


      Please can this be looked at...


      I used to work in this way with my old macbook (OSx Lion, Fusion 4) and never had issues sleeping the macbook and resuming.





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