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    Help with VRMS configuration

    EHelms Lurker

      I was tasked with a project to try and configure vShpere replication. I have been trying to do this for some time now at least 2 weeks. I have tried several ways of install this VRMS appliance form KBs to SRM admin guide etc., to no avail urghhh!! I want to setup replication but it seems there is no easy guide on setting this up the correct way. Once I setup the DB for the VRM Server and then deploy the VRM Server then login into the configuration page then enter the required information DB name, DB password and for the DB host I have tried using the FQDN and IP and still no go. I always get errors pertaining to the DB that was created. Here is the error. (Error applying startup configuration. Please check the provided DB information)? 


      Any insight in this matter will greatly be appreciated. Thank!