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    PowerCLI script for vSphere capacity planning

    Marcus316 Novice

      Hello everyone!


      After recent discussion on vSphere Capacity planning, I thought I would share one of the tools I use for this purpose. This is a side project I've been working on for few months.


      I present to you, my very own "VMware Capacity & Performance Report PowerCLI script (v2.1 Community edition)"



      (Click here then click on "Download")


      This is a complex PowerCLI script I wrote, that generates an e-mail report that gives you insight into the current state of your VMware vSphere environment's capacity. It generates tables, pie charts and line charts with information about CPU, Memory & Storage capacity, VM Provisioning Potential, Cluster Resilience and more. Check the script's #INFORMATION block for more information about prerequisites, script input and output.


      Have a look at the report it generates and let me know what you think of it!

      Please share your thoughts and comments!


      Marc Davoli



      Edited on May 25 : Changed OneDrive link to updated script v2.1 with bugfix (for cluster names with a space in it)

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