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    Replacement for VMware Server 1.0

    Chipsy Novice

      Hello Community


      I am currently running a few CentOS 5.x hosts with VMware Server 1.x hosting various guests like CentOS VMs, legacy Netware servers and some Windows machines.

      Now I need to set up new hosts with CentOS 6.x to take advantage of some of the fancy stuff that comes with this new major release (especially things like SSD handling and BTRFS).

      However, VMware Server 1.x won't install on CentOS 6 and so, this combination is not an option.

      VMware Server 2.x (even if it would work what I don't know) is a no-go as I don't like the web based administation at all and would really like to have an administration tool like VMware Console, that used to be the admin tool for Server 1.x.


      I wouldn't mind of spending some money for it, so it doesn't need to be free (commercial environment), but thousands of bucks sure are not in the budget for it.

      However, the numerous VMware products seem like a total mess to me (sorry...) and even worse, they all seem to be somewhat bloated.


      What do I choose nowadays, if VMware Server 1.x was exactly the thing I need, without all the bells and whistles, that later products come with, but if possible with a platform independent (Linux+Win) admin tool?

      Isn't there any "light weight server grade virtualization product" from VMware anymore, that just brings the needed core functionality and runs on modern linux hosts?


      I have already evaluated VirtualBox and KVM and got both working, however, I used VMware now for over a decade so at least I wanted to ask the community for recommendations before switching to a completely different virtualization platform.


      Thank's for your hints!

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          weinstein5 Guru

          Welcome to the Community - I would look at VMware Player - it is VMware's free hypervisor - if you want to purchase a product and get the related support I would look at VMware Wokstation -

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            Chipsy Novice

            Thank's for your reply.


            AFAIK Player is not free for use in a commercial environment (I first thought, that was starting at version 5, but I think this also was the case already for previous versions).

            But that's not the problem! Player is not designed to be used on console-only servers. I usually don't boot to a GUI on these CentOS hosts.

            I tried player already and got it to work in such an environment, without GUI, just from the shell - but that's not the way it's supposed to be used and administration is somewhat tricky.


            I haven't used Workstation for a while, but I don't think it's working well in such an environment either.

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              weinstein5 Guru

              Then you should take another look at workstation - it now has the abilitry to function as server hosting VMs - or you can move to the bare metal hypervisor and run ESXi which will install directy onto the hardware eliminating the need for CentOS - there is a free version available of this as well -

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                Chipsy Novice

                I tried ESXi already, but it's big advantage of being a bare metal hypervisor is at the same time it's biggest disadvantage as it doesn't offer a free choice of file systems or things like DRBD, iSCSI volumes on the host and some other stuff.


                But thank's for the hint to Workstation. I have had a closer look at the product description and it pretty much seems to be well suitable for my needs while the price is moderate. I will definitely give it a try!