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    Error 29102 Unable to contact

    IT_kendrascott Lurker

      I'm trying to install VMware vCenter Server 5.5 on a windows server 2008 R2 that is a virtual machine inside VMworkstation and I keep getting the error


      "Unable to contact Lookup Service. Check vm_ssoreg.log in the system temporary folder for more details..."


      My setup all within VMworkstation:

      -windows server2008r2 primary domain controller host name/ip= dc1/

      -windows server2008r2 secondary domain controller host name/ip = dc2/

      -windows server2008r2 ->trying to install vCenter Server host name/ip = vctr/

      All the vm's above are on the same NAT'd for workstation settings


      I've read tons of articles on this error on the only things I could find are:

      -password has non ASCII character -> not my issue

      -DNS is not correct -> using nslookup all ips resolve to correct host names

      -There is update 5.1.0 1a but I cannot download it from vmware.com bc I don't have permission


      I'd really like to evaluate this product but can't get past this error if anyone can help PLEASE let me know!


      thanks in advance