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    vCenter upgrade 5.5a -> 5.5b. Empty Inventory in web client

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      I have upgraded our vCenter from 5.5a to 5.5b and now every "old" system-domain user is having an empty inventory in the web client. In the standalone client everything is fine.

      When I create a new user, everything is fine.


      I have noticed an error message on top of the web client after log in with an old user: "Failed to initialize start-up services."

      On the getting started screen of the home screen there is following information: "To get started, either install a vCenter Server system, or obtain access permission to an existing vCenter Server system."

      Again, when I log in with a new created user, everything is fine.


      old users are having "xxx@system-domain", new users "xxx@vsphere.local"


      How can I get the old users back to their servers using the web client?