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    failover not working

    huwy Enthusiast

      hi there,


      I've been testing failover on our VSA cluster over the Xmas break - it doesn't appear to be working.


      I tried power cycling one of the hosts, and the VMs are not migrated across to the other host.


      I've attached some screenshots of what happens and you can see that the "VSA-0" virtual machine does not automatically start back up.


      Can anyone advise how to troubleshoot this further?




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          Nishant02 Novice



          I think that HA agent is not configured in any of the esxi host or cluster is not meeting the same hardware requirements.

          Reconfigure the HA agent see if it works or remove the host from the cluster and join it again.


          Reply lets see if it works.




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            huwy Enthusiast

            Thanks for replying.

            I can confirm that HA is enabled in the cluster

            The servers are also of identical hardware DL360p gen8.

            I've tried reconfiguring HA but the issue is still happening. If you look at the image below you can see that both off the VSA "LUNs" are offline.





            after host power cycled v2.JPG

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              Nishant02 Novice

              Hi there,


              I can see from the attached screenshot that LUN's are inactive(both).

              Can you check the ip's you have assigned during the installation of VSA are configured correctly.

              Its because if VSA datastores are inactive HA will not work.



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                ChittraM Novice

                If the ESX hosts which are part of VSA cluster is powered off, the VSA appliance corresponding to that host will also get powered off and will be reported offline by the VSA manager. This will not failover to the other ESX hosts. If you have created VMs (such as windows or linux vms) on the VSA datastore, then when the corresponding ESX host is powered off, the VM will be able to migrate to other host and get powered on because the data is replicated across the VSA datastores. The VSA datastores are shown offline in the picture because VSA appliance is powered off. If you switch it on, they will get mounted again.

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                  beckham007fifa Expert

                  Is it rightly configured from networking perspective?

                  How is the fail over policies are set, did you check fdm logs after the crash?