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    Not Again!! Storage not visible in vCAC Reservation!

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      When i first worked with vCAC 5.1 i was disappointed by the fact that vCAC was not able to recognise the Pay-as-you-go modeled OrgVDC taken out of vCD.

      Now after 6.0 release i'm feeling i have run into a similar issue. Or i hope i'm doing something wrong.


      Here's what i did. I created a Org VDC on my vCD 5.5. While creating this Org vDC i chose Pay-as-you-go model. And gave 20% of RAM and CPU garuntee and when it came to storage i clicked on radio button that said "unlimited".


      Now i created a end point and got the resources collected in vCAC. Created a Fabric group out of it and when i try creating the Reservation it says it cannot find storage path and there's nothing reflecting on the resources tab under storage.

      Wondering if i missed anything

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