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    Unattented KS.cfg script - disk error

    justinc1981 Lurker

      hi all


      I have decided to try my hand at scripting a ESXi installation from a KS.cfg file so far i have the following script



      install --fistdisk=local,

      rootpw ####

      network --bootproto=static --device=vmnic0 --ip=192.168.200.### --gateway=192.168.200.### --nameserver=',' --netmask= --hostname=JustinESX01 --addvmportgroup=0



      it seems to be failing on the "install --fistdisk=local," - it doesn't find the local harddrive - if i do a manual step by step installation i can install ESXi to the hard drive without a problem


      the Server is a test machine with a 500GB SATA seagate hard drive


      any ideas how i can over comes this problem ?