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    switching between guests ?

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      I have just found some basic info regarding Horizon Mobile.


      1. Could you clarify what kind of virtualization is that ?

      Is it full virtualization or para virtualization or maybe very light virtualization like Linux Containers ?


      2. Is it OS specific (Android, iOS, MIcrosoft ?)


      3. Can i access both private and company data at the same time ?


      4. Is it using CPU extenstions (hardware accelerated) for virtualization ?


      5. Is it possible to create more guests ?


      6. Could you provide more technical details/link to documentation ?




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          1. Android version of Horizon mobile is a type-2 virtualization.


          2. Horizon Mobile is available currently only on Android.


          3. Horizon Mobile on Android provides a virtualized Android OS running its own apps and managing its own data. This corporate OS is configured and managed through Horizon Workspace.

          You can access both personal and corporate data by switching between both environments. Special policies can be defined from Horizon Workspace console to describe how both environments can interact.


          4. Horizon Mobile for Android doesn't require any special extensions. However, it can be use only on "VMware-Ready" devices. Current list of VMware-Ready device is available here


          More VMware-Ready devices are added preiodically.


          5 Only 1 guest OS can be provisioned and run on a "VMware-Ready" device.


          6 Not a lot of technical document right now. if you have any specific question, please feel free to ask.


          Best regards.