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    Recover Deleted VMDK ESXi 5.1 ?

    itsolution Novice

      I believe a VMDK was unintentionally deleted off an ESXi host I co-admin and I need some assistance recovering.  This VMDK was thick provisioned and was 100GB in size and was used in Windows Server 2008 R2.


      The file path was DATASTORE/VM1_1 and contained the VMDK file in question.  Both the VMDK and the folder than contained it are gone.  I have read several posts on recovering VMDK's and tried several attempts to "find" the missing file.


      #1 - SSH into ESX host and browse file structure - FAIL, files not listed

      #2 - Ran VMFS-Recovery from Disk Internals but looked like it would take days - SEMI-FAIL, impatient

      #3 - Tried continuum's suggestion on booting to Ubuntu LiveCD and mounting using vmfs-tools

           The file system was successfully mounted (after installing th 0.2.5-1 vmfs-tools) but the folder and file were still missing - FAIL, files not listed

      #4 - Contacted continuum and am currently waiting to hear back from him.


      My best case scenario would be to "recover" the 100GB VMDK, reattach, and carry on as normal. 


      Feel free to reply with any suggestions, comments or condolences.