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    No vmkcore disk partition is available

    deepsecurity Lurker

      Dear Community,


      I have changed my IP addresses on my ESXi 5.1 hosts and I am having some problems. I have 3 ESXi hosts and 1 storage. I am connected the storage using iscsi adapter and I store everything on that storage. The storage is a basic pc which is running FreeNas on it, nothing special.

      After I change my hosts' IP and save everything, it will work fine unless I restart my host. If I restart one of the hosts, I will loose all the new changes, it will take back the old IP address. These IP addresses are static and I don't have a dhcp server in this enviroment. 4 machines are connected to a switch, that's all. This is a test lab enviroment so I can play with everything easily. I am getting a conguration issue on the hosts summary screen below.


      No vmkcore disk partition is available and no network coredump server has been configured. Host core dumps cannot be saved.

      System logs on host LABESXi1.LOCAL are stored on non-persistent storage.


      I am not a vmware professional but I understand that there is some kind of a cache file and it cannot be saved anywhere. I can access my storage and run my VMs without any problem.

      I don't even know where my previous core dump file was saved before. I have read some articles KB2002955 and KB1000328 related this but I couldn't figured them out. I think I need some hints

      I've tried to setup a Network coredump using my storage but I am getting an error related the connection. I don't know how it will connect using port 6500 anyway.


      Am I on the right track? Does anyone has an easier solution?