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    Display the storage class within a chargeback report

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      I've a question about displaying the 'storage class'.

      Within the organization our storage is devided in different classes, e.g. standard-mirrored (SM) or enterprise-plus (EP).




      For example: Customer X has 10 VMs. 5 VMs of them use XXX GB of standard-mirrored storage and the other 5 use YYY GB enterprise-plus storage. Within the vCenter server you can differentiate the storage class by means of the naming convention like XYZ_123_SM and XYZ_123_EP.



      My question: Chargeback can display the consumption of storage but how can I identify the class of the consumed storage?

      I need some information like 633 GB of EP anf 721 GB of SM.

      Is there any solution, workaround or somithing else?









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          danmoe Novice

          I found the following statement under release notes 2.5:


          • Charging fixed costs on entities based on attribute name-value pair
            In this release of vCenter Chargeback Manager, you can associate fixed costs with attribute name-value pairs in a pricing model. When a report is generated on a entity by using this pricing model, the appropriate fixed cost is charged on the entity based on the attribute name-value pair configured on the entity. For example, you want to charge different fixed costs on virtual machines based on the type of storage on which the virtual machine files reside. This can be done by tagging the virtual machines with attribute name-value pairs that define the storage type used by the virtual machines. You can then define attribute-based fixed cost rules in the pricing model.

          VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 Release Notes

          It seems to be the only way out but thats not very smart to rename every single VM

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            Attribute functionality can be used to solve this issue. For using the Attributes, we need not re-name all the VM. We need to create 2 attribute standard-mirrored (SM) or enterprise-plus (EP) and assign to the VM in the Hierarchy and you can generate the report.


            But Attributes cannot be applied to VM which has 2 Hard Drives one residing on Standard-Mirrored and another enterprise-plus.


            The kind of reporting that is expected in the above query is not support in CBM




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              NikolayF Lurker


              This actual for me. We need see in report usage (not cost) for different storage types.

              It's possible? Please help!