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    use a "pre-built" iso image with Studio??

    Desrtrider Novice

      I am investigating using Studio to automate some build work. I'd like to use a pre-built ISO image which has its own kickstart file etc. (with an OS image AND some application files) to create appliances.

      How can I adapt this to work? I am getting this failure when I try to use the ISO image as is: 

      22/11/2013 23:38:37 [dbug] The attribute "vadk:containFiles" is not defined and will default to ""

      22/11/2013 23:38:37 [info] Looking for /opt/vmware/www/ISV/ISO/fusor6-os-netinstall-2.0.43

      22/11/2013 23:38:38 [dbug] Ran system shell command "/opt/vmware/share/build/status --set --instance dawn.1 --key 'Operation' --value 'canceling' 2>/tmp/vPJIOug6ED"

      22/11/2013 23:38:38 [dbug] system shell command returned: exit 0, signal 0, core 0

      22/11/2013 23:38:38 [error] ISO file /opt/vmware/www/ISV/ISO/fusor6-os-netinstall-2.0.43 was specified, but was not a regular file.


      What file is this error contained in I looked in vabs.pl and its somewhere in there where it looks at the iso and I dug around to see where it checks this but couldn't quite get it.

      I could edit the checks and see if it would just install this ISO "whole".. EASIEST, FASTEST WAY and could be a really nice feature for Studio 2.7.


      As an alternative,

      I am guessing that if I can just isolate the RPMs of the Application from the OS I can make this work.. (I have the exact OS template already set up for install.)

      Basically, these folks have been using this image and using vmware tools  and vcenter/etc.  to automate the previous builds using this iso...


      Any ideas or hints on how to make this work? Files to edit?



      Thank you !

      - A