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    Unable to download VSA.

    fordownload Lurker

      Hi Guys,

      I am trying to download a free trial or evaluation version of VSA. But i am not able to do so. Getting the below error. Please know where i can download a free trail 60 days version. My vSphere version is 5.1

      Download location: https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/details?productId=285&rPId=4489&downloadGroup=VSP51-VSA-511#errorCheckDiv

      You either are not entitled or do not have permissions to download this product.

      Check with your My VMware Super User, Procurement Contact or Administrator.

      If you recently purchased this product through VMware Store or through a third-party, try downloading later.

      Awaiting reply.

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          Abhilashhb Virtuoso
          vExpertVMware Employees

          Hi Tango,


          You cannot download a trial copy of VSA. You will have to purchase license for the software only after which you  will get to download the product.

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            egaulue Lurker

            Sorry Tango, I won't help you.


            I just want to share with you my experience. I've been asking vmware for evaluating this product on the 21th of november. On the 26th, I got a key to evaluate it, but I still don't know how to download it and support team doesn't look to know either (at least speedily).


            vmware VSA as far as I understand is part of "vmware Essential Plus Kit with VSA" that is sold 5400 € in my country. This solution is particularly intended for SMB, but SMB can't afford the price of such a solution just to evaluate (it's already time consuming to install it just for evaluation).


            If you are in a hurry like me, maybe you'll have the time to deeply go in the documentation of vSphere Replication. If your just looking for a situation with 2 nodes mirroring each other, you will see this can be almost achieve this way, you loose HA and you have to accept a maximal 15' lag but isn't it doable in SMB?