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    How to boot from a virtual GPT disk - Workstation 10 - Windows

    danielhuertas Lurker

      I am trying to boot from a virtual gpt disk, with windows 8 inside. Host is windows 7.

      I have a paragon 12 image from a MS Surface Pro - Windows 8 pro.

      I have a virtual Windows 8 pro machine, where I have created a second virtual disk, and then I have imported the paragon image into this disk. Partitions have been succesfully created, and virtual disk is properly mounted and recognized. Then, I have assigned to this second disk LUN 0,0 and I have added the line "firmware = " efi " " into the configuration file. But I get: "Operating system not found".

      Since this could be a common situation, I would appreciate some help.

      Thanks in advance.