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    AMD or INTEL i7 for ESXi 5.1/5.5 Home Lab?

    Dthompson04 Enthusiast

      Which processor is better for a VCP 5 home lab?

        I now have the money to start building my VMware home lab and wanted to get some opinions on which processor to purchase.  I've been thinking of using the AMD processor for the following reasons.

      1.  Cost is lower

      2.  AMD provides 8 cores at a price compared to 4 cores on an Intel processor


        No matter which processor I use research tells me having as much memory as I can afford is primary.  I've allotted funds for 32GB of memory for my lab and expect to purchase the hardware and start building soon.  Maybe build one of each to compare for myself?

        One question that someone might ask me is what do I plan on using my lab for and the answer to that is extensive.  My plan is to build two machines with a shared storage array and to prepare for the VCP 5.x certification.

        I have a background as a Windows NT/2000 System Admin and over 10 years as a Network Engineer.  In addition to creating a Private Cloud at home I'll use my lab to get certified in the latest Server Admin for MCSE, VOIP and more.

        In the past I've always purchased the hardware to accomplish what VMware will at a fraction of the cost.