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    Missing Files HGFS Shared Folder in Ubuntu 13.10 x64 Guest

    webmonarch Lurker

      I am trying to use a shared folder between my linux host an my Ubuntu 13.10 x64 guest...but, I am noticing that files are missing!  The files are not completely missing.  I can `stat` them by name, but they don't show up in `ls` or similar. 


      I think the best way to show the problem is with a sample shell session:


      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# pwd



      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# echo newfile >> newfile

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# ls

      # EXPECTED: to see a file

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# echo newfile2 >> newfile2

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# ls


      # EXPECTED: see both newfile and newfile2, only see newfile2

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# cat newfile2


      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# cat newfile


      # The file is there, even though it doesn't show in ls

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# touch somethingelse

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# ls


      # EXPECTED: to see newfile, newfile2, and somethingelse

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# cat somethingelse

      # File is there...empty...

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# cat notafile

      cat: notafile: No such file or directory

      # Expected error for a non-existing file


      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# touch somemore

      vm-guest:/mnt/hgfs/vmshared# ls

      newfile  newfile2

      # newfile eventually showed...but now not others.


      This is very weird behavior.  I DO NOT see the same behavior with a Windows 8 guest running on the same Linux host.  I am guessing it's something wrong with the vmware-tools on Linux?  This is obviously frustrating to anyone actually trying to accomplish something.


      Help and suggestions appreciated.


      cheers, eric