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    How to safely update a free ESX3.5i to licensed version

    Spjallman Lurker

      We have an ESX3.5i host running. It was installed a couple of years ago, as a free version and now running some production servers.

      When testing a couple of backup solutions, I got stuck on the "RestrictedVersionFault" problem, i.e. the backup system (for instance Veeam) can't create a snapshot due to licensing restrictions from VMWare.

      (At least that's the explaination I found in a forum). So I can't make backups on a running VM.

      Two years ago I bought an VMWare vSphere Essentials license, in order to be entitled to support.

      For technical reasons I downgraded the vSphere 5 to a version 4 license. (I needed access to a group of download files only accessible after downgrading.)

      But I have not done any system updates on the host, it's still ESX3.5i build 226117.


      - Can I change the license key in the ESX3.5i host, from the free version key to the vSphere 4 Essentials key, without risking malfunction and can I do it without stopping the VM-s?

      - Would that license change solve the "RestrictedVersionFault" problem?

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