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    vSphere 5.5 VM console access errors / MKS connection terminated by server & MKS malformed repsonse from server

    maskham Lurker


      I have just rolled out vCloud 5.5 and vSphere 5.5 and have struck an issue that re-occurs every 13 days after a physical host reboot.

      When trying to connect to a VM console using either [vCD/Web Client/c# Client] I get the following errors:


      1. Blank Screen

      2. Occasionally MKS malformed response from server

      3. Unable to connect to the MKS: Connection terminated by server


      I have tried Migrating the VM to another host made no difference, restarting the management agents on the host made no difference, Rebooting the host

      and migrating the VM back to host fixed the issue. Suspect a bug in vSphere 5.5 as all [3] host had identical problems. So far I have struck this issue twice and

      my servers have been up for 7 days and expect the 3rd occurrence to occur 13/11/2013 ;(



      Issue started 16/10 08:30am [first noticed]

      Server uptime all [3] hosts 13 days

      ESXi build 5.5.0 1331820

      Issue re-occurred 29/10 15:00 [second time]

      Server uptime all [3] hosts 13 days

      ESXi build 5.5.0 1331820



      Below is Syslog Server Capture when attempting a VM console connection.

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.722Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: -->

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.722Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [3A160B70 verbose 'Hostsvc.ResourcePool pool18'] Added child 26 to pool

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [3A8D2B70 info 'Libs'] CnxAuthdConnect: Returning false because CnxAuthdProtoReadResponse2 failed

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [3A8D2B70 info 'Libs'] CnxConnectAuthd: Returning false because CnxAuthdConnect failed

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [3A8D2B70 info 'Libs'] Cnx_Connect: Returning false because CnxConnectAuthd failed

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [3A8D2B70 info 'Libs'] Cnx_Connect: Error message: Connection terminated by server

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [FFE40B70 info 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/5248c6f0-6a442ffe-c35f-0017a47724d8/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980)/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980).vmx'] Foundry_[Create|Open]Ex failed: Error: (3008) Cannot connect to the virtual machine

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [FFE40B70 info 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/5248c6f0-6a442ffe-c35f-0017a47724d8/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980)/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980).vmx'] Failed to load virtual machine.

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [FFE40B70 info 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/5248c6f0-6a442ffe-c35f-0017a47724d8/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980)/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980).vmx'] Failed to load VM N5Vmomi5Fault11SystemError9ExceptionE(vmodl.fault.SystemError)

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.723Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [FFE40B70 info 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/5248c6f0-6a442ffe-c35f-0017a47724d8/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980)/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980).vmx'] Marking VirtualMachine invalid

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.724Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [FFE40B70 info 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/5248c6f0-6a442ffe-c35f-0017a47724d8/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980)/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980).vmx'] State Transition (VM_STATE_INITIALIZING -> VM_STATE_INVALID_CONFIG)

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.724Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [FFE40B70 verbose 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/5248c6f0-6a442ffe-c35f-0017a47724d8/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980)/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980).vmx'] Time to load virtual machine: 51 (msecs)

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.724Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: [FFE40B70 info 'Vmsvc'] Loaded virtual machine: /vmfs/volumes/5248c6f0-6a442ffe-c35f-0017a47724d8/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980)/diskload (a33d96fa-47c9-4135-b05e-fd39ce56d980).vmx

      <166>2013-10-15T23:08:39.724Z fcsesx01.fred.local Hostd: -->

      Any help would be appreciated.


      I have also logged the call with HP as we have software support with them and they mentioned that a number of sites have similar issues and a call has been place with VMware for further investigation




      Mark Askham

      Senior Infrastructure Architect


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