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    Override language of VDP configuration web UI?

    cibber Lurker


      my comapny recently moved to vSphere 5.5 and we're now using VDP, version

      My issue is that the VDP configuation web pages are always displayed in the language I use for keyboard layout and date/time format. NOT in the OS language (menues, dialogs etc.).

      Same as the vSphere Web Client but for the web clinet there's an override (appending ?locale=en_US to the URL). This workaround does not work for the VDP config pages. And there seems to be no other way to set the language (i.e. on a per user base).


      Anybody knows how to force the VDP web UI language (to English)?


      Background: I frequently need to create screeenshots etc. for an international audience so I’m using a US English Windows with only keyboard and date/time format set to German (us being a German company). All my applications are in English, only VDP thinks it knows better and displays in German.


      Any help very much apreciated!