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    Backup2USB Drive

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      ist there a way to use an USB Drive that is attached to the ESXi Host as backup medium?

      I have 5 USB Drives I would like to use, for each day 1 USB Drive.

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          I must say I'm a bit surprised about it, but there doesn't seems to be a way to do this. I had to try myself, but there is no way I can add the USB memory as a local storage in ESXi, hence no way of assigning it as backup storage in ghettoVCB. Unless someone has a workaround for this or want to correct me?

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            Virtually Ghetto to the rescue:


            virtuallyGhetto: How to Access USB Storage in ESXi Shell


            Beware though that ESXi doesn't like the concept of "external USB drives" especially the removable part, so unmount carefully before disconnecting.


            It is not a recommended way of taking care of your backups this way so do heed Williams warning and think of a different way to handle this if you can.




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